Schuco brings tomorrow’s skin technology to medical professionals in the fields of dermatology, aesthetics, cosmetic and plastic surgery, as well as to GPs with a special interest in skin.

Supplying a wide range of medtech solutions – from sutures and skin adhesives to full-body-imaging.

Our account managers and customer experience team interact every day with specialists, service providers, procurement and commissioning teams – both in the NHS and the private sector.



Established for over 60 years, we are a trusted family business with a passion for innovation.

With roots in medicine, technology and biology, we’re experts when it comes to the skin – we pride ourselves on our expertise and the level of support we offer to our customers.



Schuco has been a key sponsor at the British Association of Dermatology annual conference for over 30 years.   You will also find us regularly attending a number of other events throughout the year, often at the express request of the various clinical groups seeking our expertise and support to help educate the next generation of clinicians.

And with Account Managers located all over the UK, we are never far away.


WHY WE DO IT –  Saving Lives, Changing Lives

Solving and supporting social issues is more than just ticking the box of corporate and social responsibility.  Our partnership with Melanoma UK is a great example of how we can better help people through collaboration. Skin cancer is the most common and yet most preventable of cancers when caught early, but sadly continues to rise.  Schuco provides the technology solution and expertise for clinicians to support their timely and accurate diagnosis/treatment of patients. Because missing a melanoma, or failing to fully remove it could be the difference between life and death for the patient.



Training and education is central to everything we do.  Our in house clinical facilities provide access to “play” with the latest innovations .  We love welcoming visitors, whether it is for training, or just for a coffee and chat.