At Schuco, we aim to provide the safest, most effective and innovative technology to clinics in the aesthetics industry. Despite delivering the promise of supplying reliable and quality products, we also believe in supporting our customers so that they can provide the most profitable and satisfactory results for their patients. In this blog post, we are discussing ways in which you can make sure you’re providing the best possible results for your clients using our products, and help to achieve the aesthetic look that they desire.

Find out what your patients want

It may sound obvious, but understanding what your patient really wants cannot be more important. As a medical aesthetic professional, you may have great ideas regarding a patient’s potential results, but however obvious and great a solution may be that you feel is right for them, you must remember every patient is individual and will want different things. Taking the time to really understand your patient during a very personal and detailed consultation can be the difference between good and great results – and it can also be the difference between a satisfied client, and a client that is ‘over the moon’ and can’t wait to recommend you to their friends and family!

Through listening and understanding, you will able to identify the treatments which will benefit your patient the most, and deliver the aesthetic results that they have come to you for. With this said, it is important that if you feel a patient’s expectations are unrealistic or a treatment would not be suited to them, that you raise this and offer alternative solutions that would be within their best interests.

Assessing suitability for certain treatments

It’s important to understand that some patients may be more suitable for certain treatments than others. Variables to consider are:

The patient’s age
Assessment of current conditions and situation (eg. pregnancy)
Medical history
Lifestyle choices

Combination treatments

Using a combination of quality aesthetic treatments is a great way to achieve optimal results. Depending on the patient’s goals and current conditions, a number of treatments may be well suited to achieve a certain look. For example, our Princess® Dermal Filler range is perfect for decreasing the visibility of fine lines, filling deep wrinkles, and battling signs of ageing. As a follow-up treatment to boost and maintain the effects of the filler, a personalised course of UNIVERSKIN topical ointments may be perfect to further enhance results. With UNIVERSKIN, you’re able to customise each treatment with base ingredients to best match the needs and conditions of your patient.

If you would like to learn more about combination treatments, or how Schuco Aesthetics can help you to keep a clinic full of happy clients, then please do not hesitate to contact us.