As industry professionals and leading UK suppliers, it’s Schuco’s job to be at the centre of the dynamic changes and innovations within the dermatology, surgical and aesthetics industries. We strive to deliver excellence, which means we’re constantly monitoring the industry for any changes, trends or advancements. Over the years, and in particular during the 98th annual BAD (British Association of Dermatologists) Conference recently, we have noticed a pattern in dermatologists opting to introduce aesthetic treatments and products into their clinics. At BAD we were approached by a number of dermatologists who wanted advice on how they could introduce the perfect aesthetic treatments into their clinics to improve their overall patient experience and offering.

Synergy Between Specialist Areas

Like ourselves, dermatologists are becoming far more aware of the synergy between dermatology and aesthetics, with both sectors complementing each other perfectly, and focusing largely on the overall improvement and maintenance of the skin’s health and appearance. In the aesthetics industry, practitioners are expected to showcase the perfect combination of treatments, products and techniques to deliver the very best results for a patient. With these high and demanding expectations, the path is cleared for dermatologists to apply their expert skin knowledge to aesthetic procedures and deliver great results for patients by choosing the appropriate blend of products, treatments, techniques and aftercare. Expanding into the aesthetics industry can be the next natural step for dermatologists that want to broaden their clinic offering and already have an expert understanding of the skin.

The Best Clinic Skincare Products

The first aesthetic product range that dermatologists often introduce to their practices is good skincare. Within the aesthetics industry, there is such a vast range of skincare products to choose from, and all claim to treat a plethora of common skin conditions, such as acne, rosacea and skin pigmentation.

As a leading supplier of products with expertise in both the dermatology and aesthetics sectors, Schuco are able to advise you on the very best skincare ranges for your clinic, and deliver the products, training and support you need to make it work. Our UNIVERSKIN range is an award-winning, fully-customisable skincare range that allows practitioners to create a product’s formula to tailor to individual clients and their unique skin conditions. This range is perfect for aestheticians and dermatologists alike, who will know exactly what type of personalised formula is required for a patient’s particular needs.

Dermal FIllers

Another common treatment offered by dermatologists is dermal fillers. Once again, fillers are a treatment that primarily addresses the appearance and volume of the skin, offering a new and exciting avenue when it comes to helping patients achieve the aesthetic look that they desire. Schuco has a number of reliable, trusted and high-end dermal fillers available through our Aesthetics Division, including our renowned Princess® Filler range. These dermal fillers are perfect for tackling a number of skin issues such as wrinkling, fine lines and other ageing signs – as well as achieving volumisation and facial contouring.

Let Schuco help you!

Whether you’re a new or existing customer looking to expand your dermatology clinic into the aesthetics sector, do not hesitate to contact us for any help. With expert knowledge in both sectors at hand, we’re able to support and assist you through a transition that’s seen more and more in today’s industry.