Schuco are proud distributors of DermLite®, the world’s leading dermatoscope brand. DermLite® is the bi-product of three medical innovators combining their years of experience in designing and engineering medical products, with their knowledge of imaging technology. This wealth of know-how and skill has become woven into the fabric of DermLite® and is what now sets it apart from other brands. Unlike close counterparts, DermLite® is always evolving, changing, growing and learning.

DermLite®’s ultimate aim is to provide clinicians with the best tools to perform dermoscopy effectively. This involves staying ahead of curve, investing heavily in development, redesign and technology, whilst also listening to what clinicians really want out of a dermatoscope.

The DermLite® DL4 is the most current, refined, ergonomically optimized dermatoscope in the range. It boasts an all-alluminium design, the largest optics of any pocket-size DermLite® and instant on/off control. If you happen to be coming to BAD 2018, we are offering 50% off this incredible device! All you have to do is bring an old Heine or Opticlar dermatoscope and trade it in. This offer is only available at the show.  If you don’t have a Heine or Opticlar dermatoscope to trade in then we are still offering 15% off all our DermLite® dermatoscopes, so don’t miss out!

Excitingly, we are also launching the brand new DermLite® GL at BAD. With a sleek, unibody design and dual magnification, it is the perfect tool for general examinations and more in-depth lesion screening. The unit provides ultra-bright polarized illumination around each lens, enabling enhanced, crystal-clear visualization of pigmented and vascular structures.

BAD is the perfect chance to view the DermLite® range, which varies from the hand held, portable dermatoscopes, to lenses and camera systems like the Foto II Pro and teledermatological accessories such smartphone Connection Kits. Head over to the Schuco stand (G10) where we will be showcasing the latest innovations in demoscopy. If you can’t make it, just give us a call and speak to one of our friendly sales team members or view all our products on our website.