As we all know, the summer season is notorious for a decline in leads for aesthetic clinics. Whilst you may have patients flying through the door for your rejuvenating and renewing treatments right now, the later summer months provide a trickier time for clients to get out of the house and find the time for their usual aesthetic procedures. Kids and holidays often get in the way, leaving you struggling to fill up your otherwise busy timetable. Luckily, Schuco are here to help! We have compiled a number of simple techniques and promotions that may help fill up your patient diary and keep your clinic busy over July and August.

Interact with your followers

It may seem fairly obvious, but interacting with your followers and other prominent industry figures on social media are key to engaging potential clients and keeping your current client base happy. If followers are commenting on and liking your social media posts, then take the time to thank them and engage them in conversation. The more discussion there is on your page, the more you will be exposed to other networks and appear on new prospects’ newsfeeds. If your clinic gets increased exposure from interactions, you’re likely to get many more patient leads!

Spotlight your treatments

It might be worth running summer events to engage your current and potential client base. A “live demonstration” or open evening should let customers see one of your most popular or latest treatments then and there, so they can get a feel for how easy and effective it is. Invite clients to attend your event, and possibly offer a free follow-up consultation. For example, you could choose to run a PLASMA treatment evening to show customers how this great device works, and the benefits that it can deliver. Or, you could provide a live lip fillers demonstration with the Princess range. After seeing how simple and effective your treatments are, patients that are genuinely interested will often book in for the treatment.


A newsletter is a perfect way to let your current clientbase know what you’re up to and what is in the pipeline! A newsletter is typically sent via email and can include a wide range of clinic information. You want to entice your patients and encourage conversions, so it may be wise to promote offers through the newsletter, or show off some glowing testimonials. Other features could include: FAQs, expert opinions, personal spotlights into your team members, industry news, seasonal advice, product reviews and general skincare advice.


Creating blogs that are relevant to your practice could be a great way to engage your client base. Blogs are more useful and informative than a tweet or post, as they can be further linked to, and could give your potential clients the information they need book in for a consultation. In your blog, you can write about your treatment, symptoms, new offers you have coming up, or how you’ve been engaging in the industry by attending conferences, awards and seminars. As an example, you could discuss the Princess® dermal filler range and include an FAQ section of the product specifications and benefits.


The most simple way to attract new clients quickly is to create an irresistible offer. When business is slowing down, it may be worth offering monetary incentives to your customers to get them in the door. However, if you’re a clinic that prides itself on high-end, luxury treatments that don’t come cheap, then it may be worth avoiding offers completely as you want to minimise any repositioning of your brand and image. Despite this, you can still offer your clients deals that offer smaller savings, so that your clinic does not come across as a ‘bargain hunter’ target; for example, complimentary consultations or adding value to a treatment package with extra skin care, perhaps? Offers can be interlinked with your blogs, newsletters and social media activity to create a hard-hitting strategy that drives the patients to your door.

We hope this has been helpful for our lovely clients at Schuco, at we wish you all the best for a busy clinic in these coming Summer months!