Who is it for?

Registered Doctors, Nurses and Dentists



This course is ideal for those who are relatively new to aesthetics and do not do injectable treatments that regularly (less than 10 syringes a month). Practitioners will be introduced to the Princess filler range with simple indications:
Naso-labial folds
Oral Commisures
Marionette Lines
Anatomy and Physiology
Mapping and marking assessing risk
The use of Hyluronidaise


This course is great for the more experienced practitioner who has been performing injectable treatments for a while (using around 15-20 syringes a month).
The content will be similar to that of the Basic course but will look at the theory in more depth, covering topics such as tip technique, product selection, versatility of product and marketing. As well as the treatments covered in the Basic course, this course will cover treatment of the mid face, cheek enhancements and volumisation, prejowl sulcus and chin.


This course is for experienced injectors only (using 20+ syringes a month). Practitioners will learn a variety of advanced procedures and techniques during the day which may include vectoring, filler lifting and volumisation with a cannula, treating cheek hollows and injecting the temple.

Lip Service

This course is aimed at practitioners who haven’t little to no experience injecting lips that would like to learn how to use Princess HA filler. The content will cover treating the older lip, treating the younger lip and using Princess filler in the area surrounding the lip.

Princess Push & Pull 

This course is for experienced practitioners who are already using Dermal Fillers and PDO Threads and want to use them to their full potential.This course will teach a combination of treatments using the lifting capacity of Princess PDO threads and Princess HA Dermal Fillers to create and restore volume.

Tear Trough (Periocular Region)

This training day is designed for the experienced aesthetic practitioner. It should only be performed with a comprehensive knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of this area and an understanding of the ageing process. Complications are not uncommon when the correct technique is not undertaken or client selection is poor. The course will go through anatomy, client selection, contra-indications, treatment results, aftercare and complications.

How to register:

Please contact your Aesthetics Account Manager to book on to one of our courses. If you do not have an Aesthetics Account Manager with us then please call us on 01923 234600 or email us at sales@schuco.co.uk

Course Dates:

We don’t currently have any dates scheduled. Please keep an eye out for updates.