Coa-Comp M

The Coa-Comp M is a lightweight, cost effective automatic electro coagulator making it ideal for any surgical environment demanding precise bipolar coagulation.

Recommended for haemostasis in:

• General Surgery
• Orthopaedic
• Dermatology
• Vascular
• Thyroid
• Plastic
• Paediatric
• Thoracic
• Neurosurgery

The Coa-Comp M is small, lightweight and portable making it perfect for use where it needs to be moved quickly and efficiently between several operating rooms. It takes less than 5 seconds from when the unit is plugged in, to be ready for use, ideal for rapid reaction to unexpected bleeding. 

Bipolar coagulation starts when the blood vessel is grasped between the forceps and ceases automatically when coagulation is achieved. The Coa-Comp M emits a tone to the user, to indicate that coagulation has been halted, preventing charring of the tissue and damage to the forceps. This is achieved by the advanced computerised monitoring system continuously analysing variations in tissue impedance during coagulation. The generator stops producing bipolar energy when specific impedance parameters are met. As a result, the Coa-Comp M stops coagulation before the tissue is over-coagulated, therefore enhancing the non-stick characteristics of bipolar instruments.

Coagulation is achieved between 0.2 – 5 seconds depending on power setting, vessel size and forcep size. When set on automatic mode, the generator is activated only when in contact with tissue, allowing the generator to be used without a footswitch. With a pair of bipolar scissors connected to the Coa-Comp, the automatic operation can be used for haemostasis right between the cutting edges.

Please be aware that due to our environmental and sustainability commitments, this product is supplied without a power cable.

You must purchase the following in order to use your Coa-Comp: Hospital Grade Power Cable


Length: 200mm

Width: 155mm

Height: 100mm

Weight: 2.6kg


CE-marked (CE0470)

Coa-Comp M is built to meet IEC 60601-1 & IEC 60601-2-2