Technology is rapidly adapting and changing to give us better, faster, easier to use products. DermLite is a brand we have come to know and love for its dedication to staying ahead of the curve. They continually invest in research and development to out-perform not only other dermatoscopes on the market, but themselves. The outcome? – A wealth of dermatoscopes which give dermatologists more choice, greater control and increased ability to perform their job effectively.

With the DermLite DL4 fast becoming a firm favourite amongst the top performing dermatoscopes in the world, it was time for DermLite to look into producing a dermatoscope that had fewer frills and spills, for a user who may not specialise in dermatology. DermLite discovered that some GP’s want a device with which they can perform initial skin screening and general examinations, which retains the sharpness of previous devices, without the advanced features of the DL4.  So, they set about creating a simplified device, without sacrificing the crystal-clear visualization of pigmented and vascular structures which more technical dermatoscopes offer.   

The result – the DermLite GL. A pocket-sized, smartphone-compatible device with 2 magnifications and ultra-bright polarised illumination. It comes equipped with a large-capacity lithium-ion battery which shuts down automatically after 3 minutes to preserve battery life and is capable of providing about 2 hours of continuous operation. The smartphone compatibility allows for the capture of incredibly detailed images using virtually any smartphone or iPad.

The GL is the perfect device for GP’s who want to be able identify their patients’ potentially harmful skin conditions before referring them to a specialist dermatologist. So if you’re looking for a sleek, handy and capable device which doesn’t break the bank, look no further! The GL is for you.

Now available to purchase here on our website.