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Last Thursday was an exciting day for all of us here at Schuco International! To prepare for the much-anticipated UK launch of Princess® Volume Plus, the newest addition to the Princess® Dermal Filler range, we held an exclusive expert demonstration and trialling session at the Rita Rakus Clinic in Knightsbridge, London.

The Day

The goal of the session was to gain insights and expert feedback from physicians who have already had experience using Volume Plus in their clinical practice, ahead of the official launch event – scheduled for March (watch this space!). Dr Rita Rakus, Mr Kambiz Golchin and Lee Garrett demonstrated the capabilities of Princess® Volume Plus through a series of in-depth patient case study treatments, which focused on mid-face volumisation and contouring – the main indication for the new Princess® Volume Plus.

All patients were thrilled with the results of the treatment and it was great to get direct feedback from both patients and injectors as to how smooth and easy they found the treatment process.The injector sessions, alongside interviews with the experts and patients will shortly be available on video to Schuco customers and followers on our social channels, to help demonstrate how this latest product can complement the Princess® range and add value to your clinic offerings.

Princess® Volume Plus

As the latest addition to the Princess® range of HA dermal fillers, Volume Plus builds on the success of the firmer gel of the Princess® Volume product to provide the most robust formulation in the entire Princess® portfolio. With a higher G prime than the current top five market leaders, Princess® Volume Plus is designed for volume enhancement and facial contouring through placement in the subcutaneous or deep dermis layers of the skin. Princess® Volume Plus helps to structure, lift, and support areas of the face that have lost structure, support and elasticity over time.

The day was such a success; thank you to all the experts who attended, especially Dr Rita Rakus for the use of her beautiful clinic.

For more information on Princess® Volume Plus, the rest of the Princess® Dermal Filler range, or upcoming training days and event at Schuco London, please do not hesitate the get in touch with us.