So far, 2018 has proven to be a year of much change for Schuco. Our principle aim is to provide the best service and products for our customers, and we believe that evolving as a company is the best way to achieve this. In this blog we touch upon various updates including product launches, events and even new staff that have been welcomed into the Schuco team so far this year.

We celebrated Schuco’s 60th birthday in October 2017. It was a proud moment for all of us as we reflected on how far we’ve come since Felix Huttrer started Schuco before passing it over to his son, and the current CO, Paul. However, it also gave us an opportunity to think ahead to where we wanted Schuco to go next. How can we provide even better service to our customers? Are there new products we could be offering? What can we do to improve and achieve everything our customers could want from us?

We took a new-found momentum into 2018 and set about making plans. From the offset, one of our primary focuses was to form an aesthetics division. This would enable us to better establish ourselves in the rapidly expanding aesthetics market. Schuco Aesthetics was born at the start of the year with a mission to be recognised as the leading and trusted partner for aesthetic medical professionals.

In February, Schuco Aesthetics hosted an event at the famous Rita Rakus clinic, ahead of the much-anticipated Princess Volume Plus launch. It was a huge success, with big names in the industry such as Mr Kambiz Golchin, Lee Garrett and Rita Rakus herself demonstrating and hailing the new filler. You can see the video here. It was launched 2 months later in April at the annual ACE event in London, at which Schuco were headline sponsors. Success has followed, with more and more clinicians discovering the superior properties of the Volume Plus. In particular its acclaimed for it robust density, yet seamless integration with the skin, due to its high G-prime and low extrusion force. You can purchase the Volume Plus here on our website.

A highlight so far this year was when our UNIVERSKIN range won ‘Best topical skincare range/product’ at the Aesthetics Industry Awards. UNIVERSKIN is also steadily being recognised up and down the country as an incredibly unique, versatile and effective skincare range. The range will be welcoming some new additions to the collection later in the year, so watch this space! In March we welcomed a new Head of Aesthetic Sales – Karen Esson, into the Schuco family. With her wealth of knowledge and expertise in the aesthetics industry, and with the help of her team, she has made Schuco Aesthetics go from strength to strength.

On the medical side we welcomed the new DermLite GL dermatoscope, which made its debut at the BAD meeting in July. We had another great stand and gathered a lot of interest in the latest DermLite device. Alongside this, we unveiled a new charging stand for the DermLite DL4, adding to its list of superior features. The new products demonstrate the pioneering mindset of DermLite, as they continue to innovate and push forward with their designs – a major reason we are so excited to be partnered with them.

The future looks bright for Schuco, especially with more plans set to improve our product portfolio on both the aesthetic and medical side. Keep up to date via our Facebook and Twitter pages on all the latest news. You can also sign up to our monthly aesthetics newsletter for updates here.