Princess® Dermal Fillers

At Schuco International, we are proud to be one of the leading suppliers in the UK for medical, dermatology and aesthetic products, such as the Princess® HA Dermal Filler Range. Princess® Fillers are a supreme gel formula injectable and with several different products in the range, are suitable for usage in a wide range of aesthetic indications.

Premium Quality Products

Created by Croma Pharma, who have 40 years of expertise in developing hyaluronic acid for medical and aesthetic use, Princess® Fillers are incredibly popular with practitioners and patients alike, standing the test of time with over 45 million syringes produced since 1994, and a 98% clinician satisfaction rate. Rigorously tested to the highest of safety and quality standards, Princess® Fillers are proven to provide natural looking, long-lasting, and beautiful results.

Part of what makes the Princess® range so unique is their role in ushering in a new generation of dermal fillers. Using Supreme Monophasic Reticulated Technology (or S.M.A.R.T.), Princess® Fillers possess a dense 3-D matrix that makes for beautiful results. The Princess® range also has low levels of BDDE to help ensure longevity of results and resistance to natural breakdown. The gel is designed for seamless integration with the skin, boosting hydration, lift, and reshaping facial contours.

The Princess® Range

Princess® Dermal Fillers

There are currently three Princess® Dermal Filler products available in the UK, each with their own strengths, providing practitioners with the ability to deliver a flexible range of treatments based on ageing concerns and skin needs. Princess® Filler is a versatile, universal filler with a soft gel that can easily be moulded for facial volumising and shaping purposes, designed for injection in the mid to deep dermis.

Princess® Filler is adept for the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles, as well as enhancing the lips and facial contouring. However, Princess® Rich and Princess® Volume provide more specialised formulas at opposite ends of the support spectrum: Princess® Rich is very fluid to help tackle fine lines, improve skin tone, elasticity, and deliver a hydration boost to the skin. It is formulated for application to the superficial dermal layers of the skin and is ideal for mesotherapy.

Conversely, Princess® Volume has a firmer formulation for injection in mid to deep layers of the skin, treating volume loss, sagging, and facial reshaping. In addition to theses three fantastic products, a fourth member of the Princess® range is soon to be unveiled, so watch this space for further details!

If you would like more information about the Princess® Dermal Filler Range, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Schuco HQ.