The Aesthetics Industry Awards

Now in its second year, The Aesthetics Industry Awards celebrates a yearly culmination of high-end new product design by manufacturers in the aesthetic industry. The awards are open to businesses from the aesthetics industry inside Europe and celebrate a wide range of accomplishments from the best hair restoration product to the best multi-use technology. This year’s awards saw nine awards given to aesthetic businesses, with UNIVERSKIN managing to win one of their own!


This year, UNIVERSKIN were able to walk away proudly with the best topical skincare range/product! UNIVERSKIN have been recognised for their ability to provide a number of bespoke aesthetic and dermatology options to be used by dermatologists, aesthetic practitioners and plastic surgeons. Whilst offering up base formulas that tackle common problems such as wrinkles, sagging skin, redness and hyperpigmentation, clinicians are able to customise their UNIVERSKIN products to best suit their patients’ needs.

UNIVERSKIN have a history of exceeding expectations. In 2017, they won the ‘best cosmetic product’ award at the AMEC (Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress) and VISAGE at Monaco. Despite some tough competition, UNIVERSKIN managed to pick up the award, largely due to their fully personalised skincare range that caters specifically to the individual needs of practitioners and patients.


UNIVERSKIN produces a range of specialised, skincare products that empower clinicians to provide the best possible solutions to skin problems for their clients. Since their inception, UNIVERSKIN have worked hard to research and produce formulas that work best for the skin and allow medical professionals to modify the active ingredients in their formulas so that the products address the individual concerns of their patients.

Schuco are proud to stock the UNIVERSKIN range; this way we know that our clients are receiving the best possible variety of skincare products on the market that meet a plethora of needs. By offering flexibility, UNIVERSKIN allows clinicians to choose the ingredients they feel are necessary.

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