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DermLite® is owned by 3Gen LLC, a privately-held company situated in beautiful Orange County, California. In 1999, three medical innovators came together and combined their years of experience in designing, engineering and marketing of medical products with their knowledge of imaging technology. They now produce the world’s leading dermatoscopes under the DermLite® brand.

DermLite® strives to be the leading force in the development of revolutionary, technologically advanced and highly practical imaging products. Unlike the traditional dermatoscope with a long handle and modular design, DermLite® pride themselves on their sleek, pocket sized models. The technology incorporated into their products allows them to develop designs with superior performance characteristics, greater efficiency and longer life.

DermLite® devices enable the trained eye to differentiate between lesions of the skin from melanoma and other types of skin conditions. Every DermLite® dermatoscope includes a magnification lens and light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. The majority also comprise of polarizing filters for glare reduction which eliminate the need for immersion fluids, allowing for a quicker, more convenient examination.

The range varies from the hand held, portable dermatoscopes, to lenses and camera systems like the Foto II Pro and teledermatological accessories such smartphone Connection Kits. The DL4 is the most current, refined, ergonomically optimized dermatoscope in their range, boasting an all-alluminium design, the largest optics of any pocket-size DermLite® and instant on/off control.

So why choose DermLite®? Unlike their competitors who cover multiple medical areas, DermLite® purely focus on the area of demoscopy. With DermLite®’s enduring ambition to be the best in the industry, they constantly look at adapting and developing their designs. Each generation of dermatoscope brings even greater practicality to the user.

DermLite® aim to create and deliver the most easy to use and innovative handheld diagnostic devices in dermatology, which is why Schuco are proud to be partnered with them. We’re excited to see what the future has to hold for DermLite® and are honoured to be working alongside such pioneering forces within the industry!

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October 12, 2021 — Toby Heath

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