As cool as it gets

Key features:
  • Two sizes of unit available – MINI (350 mL) and MAXI (500 mL)
  • Liquid nitrogen technology with a temperature of -196°C
  • Ideal for the treatment of skin lesions including warts, moles, and skin tags.
  • Spray and contact freezing options in a variety of sizing options
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty


The CryoPro® system is a cryosurgery unit for the treatment of skin lesions including warts, moles, and skin tags. CryoPro uses liquid nitrogen technology to provide a deep freeze with minimal invasiveness, bringing you the best in safety, efficacy, and ease of operation.

The CryoPro vessel holds liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196°C. The low temperature means that procedures can be carried out effectively with minimal exposure times, resulting in a less-invasive patient experience, and positive clinical outcomes.

In addition to spray freezing, CryoPro also allows for contact freezing, whereby the lesion is cooled via direct contact with a gold-plated contact probe, assisting to freeze the lesion while minimising lateral spread.

The CryoPro MINI and MAXI units have the same treatment applications; however, the CryoPro MAXI offers a much greater static holding time compared to the MINI, in addition to an increased liquid nitrogen holding capacity.

Each CryoPro unit comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty against material and manufacturing defects.



Static holding time

CryoPro MINI

350 mL

12 – 14 hours

CryoPro MAXI

500 mL

20 – 24 hours


Each CryoPro unit contains:

  • One CryoPro Cryosurgery Unit
  • Four CryoPro Standard Spray Tips: Aperture A (1.0 mm), B (0.75 mm), C (0.55 mm) and D (0.45 mm)
  • One bent Spray Extension
  • One stand for CryoPro accessories
  • One CryoPro cleaning adapter
Directions for use

CryoPro Guide