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Interested in life at Schuco? Learn more about our mission, our values and get a glimpse into how we work, and how we stay true to our founding principles.

We believe in a culture of inclusion and accomplishment. We believe that work is what you do, not where you are. Therefore it's vitally important to us that the Schuco family can thrive and enjoy working with extraordinary colleagues and products.

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Our Values
Diverse group of individuals holding a piece of the puzzle

We Champion Differences

It takes people with different perspectives and backgrounds for us all to succeed.

Two colleagues empowering each other

We Empower

We empower our teams to be the best they can be and give them the ability to make a lasting impact, celebrating our successes and failures.

Group of colleagues communicating with each other

We Are People Of Integrity

People trust us because we are genuine, honest, and ethical. Be humble but be your authentic self.

Group of colleagues socialising together

We Are A Family

We take care of our own. We respect each other, we act with humility and we act with respect.

Group of colleagues working together in a shared workspace

We Bring Vitality

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we make what we do fun, fulfilling and exciting. We bring energy and enjoyment to our work.

How We Work

At Schuco, we look at the bigger picture. Ultimately, our products will benefit thousands of patients with their treatment, that could be your friends, family or loved ones. Therefore, it is vital that the medical professionals we provide our products to are fully equipped with the finest instruments.

Our founding principles have remained the same for over 65 years. The basis of our business then is the same as the basis for how we do business today. To us, it’s personal.

Founding Principles
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We work in a job where we can have a positive effect on people's health and wellbeing and prevention of illness. The company also seeks to maintain an inclusive, family-oriented approach to working and a generous approach to staff benefits.
I like working with my colleagues, and when I can work on tasks, I am passionate and find it rewarding as I feel I am progressing in my career.
The company culture is great at Schuco; Attitudes, beliefs, values and respect are all at the forefront of those employed here.
Schuco shows a different side to how working hard can pay off. The office environment, the people, and the culture offer a new experience to anybody who is wanting to work hard and play hard. There is enough flexibility within the roles to consistently enjoy your day and not become overworked and over-stressed.
— Key Account Manager
I feel encouraged to be myself every day at Schuco. There is a real sense of community throughout the team. I feel constantly supported in everything I do, and the workplace is one where everyone’s opinion and experience is valued, and where everyone’s hard work is recognised.
— Commercial Specialist
Working here at Schuco has been a great experience for me and for my personal growth. I have not only improved as an employee but also as a person, acquiring skills like teamwork and time management. I have learnt a wide range of skills that I can use in every day life and challenges that I will face in the future. All my colleagues are also very willing to give a helping hand and provide assistance where needed.
— Sales Support Assistant
At Schuco, every day is different. A company full of amazing people, you truly get a family feeling working with these wonderful characters. Opportunity to excel and do what your best at is always encouraged. This is a company where hard work truly pays off and where everyone is made to feel appreciated for their efforts.
— Marketing Specialist