Advanced, patented, high efficiency filtration system designed to eliminate surgical smoke plume which may contain hazardous bio-aerosols and live and dead cellular matter (including blood fragments and viruses). Ideal for GP practices, outpatient departments and all minor operation theatres.


Key Features:
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours associated with electrosurgery or cautery
  • Powerful and portable
  • Easily stored
  • Designed with space for Hyfrecator 2000 to be mounted
  • Boom arm allows single operator use, with both hands free to perform skin surgery

Please note we are experiencing delays with this product, you can still order the Acu-Evac and we will ship it once we have received stock. 

Please be aware that to due our environmental and sustainability commitments, this product is supplied without a power cable.

You must purchase the following in order to use your Acu-Evac: Hospital Grade Power Cable

What's in the box?

Acu-Evac Unit

Hospital Power Grade Power Cable required. Please purchase separately.

What else do you need?

In order to use the Acu-Evac, you'll also need to order the following additional items:

Power Cable




In order to get transportable and hands free smoke plume protection, you may also need: