DermLite DL200 Hybrid

The DermLite DL200 dermatoscope features a beautifully ergonomic, easy-to-clean metal body, DL200 adopts the optical system from the DL2, integrates an innovative, super-quick, retractable spacer mechanism with precise focusing, IceCap™ (infection control caps) compatibility, a much longer battery life, integrated MagnetiConnect™ smartphone connectivity, and, in this Hybrid model, your choice of polarised & non-polarised modalities, all in one beautifully designed unit.
What's in the box?

DermLite DL200 Hybrid

USB cable

Silicone sleeve case and lanyard

Infection control (icecaps)

Tech Specs


21 LEDs (15 polarised, 6 non-polarised)

10x Magnification


Oil Immersion

4-level charge indicator

Automatic power-saving

Lithium-ion rechargable battery

Use Magneticonnect® to attach to smartphone, tablet or camera

5 years warranty

Directions for use

DermLite DL200 Hybrid Guide

Download Brochure

DermLite DL200 Hybrid Brochure

Material Safety Data Sheet

DermLite DL200 Hybrid Material Safety Data Sheet

Multiple lighting modes

The DL200 Hybrid combines polarised & non-polarised lighting so that you can visualise pigment and vascular structures with or without immersion fluids. The DL200 Hybrid allows contact & non-contact dermoscopy plus a removable snap-on glass contact plate with a 10mm reticule. For the all-polarised model, consider the DermLite DL200 HR.


Top Infection Control

When direct skin contact is needed, the Infection Control system IceCap® has you covered: Disposable snap-on IceCap® infection control caps attach to the glass faceplate and may greatly reduce the risk of cross-contamination.


Camera & Devices Magnetic Snap Connectivity

Not only can the glass faceplate (with 10 mm reticle) simply snap on and off, your mobile devices – iPad, iPhone or other smartphones – can attach magnetically with integrated MagnetiConnect™ smartphone connectivity, enabling you to go between taking clinical and dermoscopic photos quicker than ever before.


Battery charge indication

In order to know when you run out of battery, DL200 Hybrid has a four-level charge indicator, along with an automatic shutoff to save battery life. The DL200 Hybrid has also been engineered for great battery life, with more than 20% more life on a charge than the DL2.