There is no denying that DermLite are the world leading dermatoscopes and it’s not hard to see why.

Unlike the traditional dermatoscope with a long handle and bulky design, DermLite scopes bring in sleek, lightweight, pocket sized models. Every DermLite dermatoscope includes a magnification lens and LED lighting with most also featuring of polarising filters for glare reduction which eliminate the need for immersion fluids, allowing for a quicker, more convenient examination.

Start taking digital dermoscopic images with your DermLite dermatoscope by magnetically connecting your phone or tablet to your DermLite dermatoscope. The DermLite connections kits leaves all jacks and buttons accessible. The superior scratch and impact protection adds to the reasons why you can keep it attached to your phone or tablet all the time, even when you are not doing dermoscopy.

Connection Kits available with iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch. Universal Smartphone adapter.

The DermLite Dermatoscope range:

Pocket dermoscopy:


DermLite DL4

DL4 – £1,250 (ex vat)

The 4th-generation DermLite dermatoscope not only has the largest optics of any pocket-size DermLite with an impressive 30mm lens, and instant on/off control right at your fingertips, but it is also amazingly versatile by having a 4-mode lighting system which includes pigmentboost plus™ – An orange illumination that enhances visualisation of pigmented structures within skin lesions. The DL4 also has Ice Cap (infection control caps) compatibility which greatly reduces the risk of cross-contamination.


DermLite DL4W

DL4W – £1,170 (ex vat)

Also in the 4th-generation, the DL4W is brightest DermLite dermatoscope by having 24 white LEDs, 18 polarised and 6 non-polarised helping achieve brighter white illumination. When compared to the DL4 model, this scope produces ~45% more light from its exclusively white LEDs.



DL3N – £1,025 (ex vat)

DermLite DL3N

The DL3N features a 25 mm four-element lens and a convenient retractable faceplate spacer design and focusing mechanism that enables you to quickly switch between non-contact and contact modalities. Supplied with a handy desktop charging base.



DL200 Hybrid – £859 (ex vat)

DermLite DL200 Hybrid

The DL200 Hybrid combines polarised & non-polarised lighting so that you can visualize pigment and vascular structures with or without immersion fluids. It has Ice Cap (infection control caps) compatibility and integrated MagnetiConnect smartphone connectivity, all in one beautifully designed unit.



DL200 HR – £779 (ex vat)

DermLite DL200 HR

With the HR model you can enjoy ultra-bright all-polarised illumination. The HR scope has four-level charge indicator and an automatic shutoff timeout to save battery life. Compatible with Ice Cap (infection control caps).

The Pocket dermoscopy range also includes DL1, DL100, DermLite GL, DL200 HR, DL4W.



Photo dermoscopy: 

Foto X – £999 (ex vat)

DermLite Foto X

The DermLite Foto X is a universal dermoscopy lens that attaches to virtually any digital SLR camera, compact point-and-shoot, mirrorless system camera and smartphone. The Foto X has both polarised and non-polarised lighting at the push of a button, four brightness levels and a four-level charge indicator.

Photo dermoscopy range also includes Foto II Pro Plus, DermLite HUD.



Lumio dermoscopy:

Lumio – £440 (ex vat)

DermLite Lumio

The DermLite Lumio is the perfect device for general skin examinations where an in-depth, glare free image of the skin is necessary.

The Lumio’s large 75mm lens offers 2x magnification and 40 bright white LEDs enabling clear viewing of the skin. The lens also provides permanent cross-polarisation, making the Lumio a great tool to use for a variety of dermatological examinations including varicose veins, pigmented skin lesions and hair follicles.



Lumio UV – £440 (ex vat)

The Lumio UV is a modern reincarnation of a Woods Lamp. With its 75mm lens offering a magnification of 2x the power of 40 UV LEDs, the Lumio UV is a great tool for a variety of examinations which require UV light.



Lumio S – £535 (ex vat)

DermLite Lumio S

The Lumio S impressive 40mm lens produces 4x magnification for superior viewing. In fact, the Lumio S displays viewing areas 4 times larger than a standard dermatoscope provides, while showing lesion structures invisible to the naked eye. The device is simple to turn on – simply push and hold, then tap to change between two sets of polarised and non-polarised LEDs.

October 12, 2021 — Toby Heath

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