Horus – The new dimension of video diagnostic in dermatology for the early detection of skin cancer

The Horus Systems offer Videodermoscopy and Videocapillaroscopy with integrated total-body mapping and sequential dermoscopy. Utilising the latest innovative technology, Horus delivers the best image quality for clear and accurate clinical diagnosis.

Manufactured in Italy, the Horus systems are transportable, ergonomic, and utilise modern technology such us multi-touch screen monitors to ensure they are easy and efficient to use in clinic.


Horus puts the diagnosis in the hands of the professional by supporting them with the best tool to do that – high magnifications, high quality, clear images of lesions.

Thanks to the simplicity of creating and organising follow-up appointments with the Horus system software, new and changed moles can be diagnosed much faster and more precisely than before, which streamlines the management of high-risk patients.

Suspicious moles are marked and documented using a probe that creates highly magnified and clear images. You can easily compare baseline images with follow-up images allowing for a better accurate diagnosis.

The Basic Line is dedicated to those who want to start using high quality diagnostic equipment with the best quality / price ratio. Both the HS 100 and HS 200 are lightweight probes, that are used like a normal pen. They plug straight into your laptop. Whereas, the HS 400 is a complete system that incorporates the HS 200 probe on a transportable cart.

The Basic Line systems come with the basic software edition; a full patient management system that allows you to completely manage patients’ skin diseases, make precise reports, easily view image comparisons, make and organise appointments and more.


The Advanced Line is designed and developed for professionals who require the best in terms of image quality and functionality. All the advanced systems take 4K Ultra HD resolution full body images from head to toe, at 3 distances; close, medium and far.

They have a distance detector, so the system knows when it is the correct distance from the patient. The advanced systems come with the new fifth generation probe; a Full HD macro probe with autofocus and auto-calibration to achieve maximum results. It also has dual light illumination with white light and double high intensity cross polarisation and controlled LED lighting to evaluate efficiency.

Both the HS 800 and HS 1000 does automatic total body mole mapping with the HS 1000 having 2000 LEDs with both white light and polarised light and utilises ultrasound distance detector to position the patient to achieve best results.

The advanced line systems have the advanced software edition – it does everything in the basic software as well as having an automatic mole size calculator, sequenced mole mapping, treatment functions and customisable parameters.


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October 12, 2021 — Toby Heath

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