Schuco is the UK’s leading supplier of dermatology, surgical, and aesthetic products, but what you might not know is how we got here. As a company, Schuco has a long, rich history that we are very proud of. Read on to find out more about the heritage of Schuco and why we’re so proud to be where we are today.

The Heritage of Schuco

Today, Schuco is one of the leading medical suppliers in the UK market, and it all began over 65 years ago. Originating in London in 1957, Schuco’s founder, Felix Huttrer, had a strong passion for radio repair and electronics, and applied his knowledge and expertise to medical technology. Schuco was born, and from day one, provided a personal, prompt service with an excellent standard of technical knowledge. Schuco was founded with 5 core values that are still integral to the company today: caring, discretion, ethical practice, expertise and trust. As a family-owned company since our inception, we pride ourselves on staying true to our roots, whilst still pushing forward and looking to the future. This is the secret to our enduring success.

Schuco Today

Schuco is in the business of skin. We have spent the last 65 years establishing our roots in medicine, technology and biology, combining all of these to bring tomorrow’s skin technology to the medical professionals of today. As a company, we have built an extensive brand portfolio that delivers cutting-edge technology and innovative skincare solutions, covering everything from sutures and skin adhesives to full-body imaging and bespoke skincare. Schuco has expanded over the years and now comprises of 3 core business divisions- surgical, dermatology, and the latest branch of the Schuco family, our aesthetics division. Schuco utilises a wide range of routes to deliver leading clinical products to market, be that through direct sales, distributors, or NHS supply chains and pharmacies.

Our Customers

We have a clear mission here at Schuco – providing unrivalled customer support and service through our dedicated clinical, technical and sales team. We don’t just look at our relationship with our customers as a business transaction. We see it as a unique partnership that helps deliver outstanding products and encourages industry-leading education and training via the Schuco Academy. We want to help with the growth and maintenance of our customers’ businesses, and offer extensive in-house, on site, and dial-up technical support.

Our products are safety and quality tested through tightly controlled supply chains, helping us ensure the high standard our customers expect from us in maintained in everything we offer. At Schuco, our customers trust us to offer everything they need for the successful assessment, treatment, and care of their patients. Schuco has account managers located all over the UK, so we are never far away when our customers need us.

After 65 years in the industry, our expertise and passion continues to stand the test of time, so why not contact our sales team today to begin your journey with Schuco?

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October 12, 2021 — Toby Heath

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