Skin cancer is one of the few cancers we can physically see. However our eyes are not enough when it comes to detecting. Studies have shown that using a dermatoscope is more effective in diagnosing skin cancer than a simple visual inspection of a lesion.

The 5th most common cancer in the UK is Melanoma. A type of skin cancer that can spread to other organs in the body.

Facts about Melanoma in UK


At Schuco, we understand the importance of early detection. Our dermatoscopes help close the gap in patient care and increase the rate of accurate diagnoses by over 15% compared to inspecting with an unaided eye. Our top dermatoscope is the DermLite DL4 which provides the most refined vision to allow clinicians to make an accurate diagnosis of Melanoma and exclude lesions that are not.

We work with health care professionals and charities to provide the best equipment to identify, diagnose and treat all skin conditions, as effectively and efficiently as possible to improve patient treatments and save lives. If you'd like to learn more about how we help support your dermatology needs, please reach out to us at


Health care professional using a dermlite DL4 dermatoscope on patient

As part of our campaign for World Cancer Day, you can claim your free skin rulers which can help measure lesions for punch biopsies. On the back is printed the ABCDE rule so patients can monitor their lesions. The ABCDE rule stands for asymmetry, border, colour, diameter and evolution. These are the characteristics of skin damage medical professionals look for when diagnosing and classifying Melanomas. 

Melanoma is highly curable if caught early. It is advised that you check your skin once a month (minimum), which only takes 10 minutes. 

Claim your free ruler by emailing today. Let us know how many you'd like and where to send them and we'll get them out to you!

Schuco ABCDE Melanoma detection ruler



Find out more about World Cancer Day and how to take action to support the cause.

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February 04, 2022 — Samson Mwita

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