DermLite DL4

The DermLite DL4 dermatoscope has been designed from the ground up to be more refined in every detail. An amazingly smooth, ergonomically optimised all-aluminium exterior that is as easy to disinfect as it comfortably moulds to your hand, the DL4 puts phenomenal versatility, the largest optics of any pocket-size DermLite, and instant on/off control right at your fingertips.
What's in the box?

DermLite DL4

USB cable

Infection control (icecaps)

Leather pouch

Silicone sleeve case

Tech Specs


24 LEDs

10x Magnification


Pigment boost and pigment boost plus

Oil Immersion

Lithium-ion rechargable battery

Can be attached to smartphone, tablet or camera using step-down rings

5 years warranty

Directions for use

DermLite DL4 Guide

Download Brochure

DermLite DL4 Brochure

Material Safety Data Sheet

Smaller Dermatoscope, Larger Lens

In addition to the DL3’s proven polarised & non-polarised lighting and solid battery life, DL4 now offers two brightness levels, a larger field of view (using a ø30mm lens), enhanced imaging of deeper pigmentation with two levels of colour spectrum control (PigmentBoost® Plus), and is more than 25% smaller than the previous generation.

Smooth. Speedy. Precise.

The DL4's retractable contact plate design allows you to switch between non-contact & contact modes smoother than ever – without having to remove any parts – and lets you precisely focus your image while in skin contact.

Camera & Devices Magnetic Snap Connectivity

Not only can the glass faceplate (with 10 mm reticle) simply snap on and off, your mobile devices – iPad, iPhone or other smartphones – can attach magnetically, enabling you to go between taking clinical and dermoscopic photos quicker than ever before.

Top Infection Control

The DL4, with its smooth, easy-to-clean exterior allows for quick disinfection. When direct skin contact is needed, DL4's Infection Control system IceCap® has you covered: Disposable snap-on IceCap® infection control caps attach to the glass faceplate and may greatly reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Battery Charge Indication

The DL4’s LEDs and rechargeable battery produce light in an energy-efficient way. In order to know when you run out of battery, DL4 now has a more granular four-level charge indicator. If you need to recharge, you can do so from any USB port using the standard Micro USB to USB cable included with each DL4.