DermLite DL5

The DermLite® DL5 is the world's first variable polarisation system in a hybrid dermatoscope. The DermLite® DL5 will support your clinical workflow unlike any other dermatoscope on the market.
Features & Benefits


ø32mm lens design with superb performance up-close and at distance true 10x magnification — resolves even finer structures.


Toggle between DermLite-quality cross-polarised and non-polarised illumination visually highlight skin layers by scrolling through the entire polarisation range, from deep-penetrating cross-polarisation to extremely superficial parallel polarisation.


Ultra-bright white LEDs with signature DermLite spectrum for optimised visualisation of both pigmented and vascular structures.

365nm UV mode & PigmentBoost® for visualising pigmented lesions.

Torch mode: Ultra-bright flashlight LED for illuminating skin surfaces or body cavities from a distance.

9 levels of brightness control in all modes.


Removable glass contact plate with 10mm reticle (reliable bayonet style) compatible with small-area contact plate (sold separately) for hard-to-reach areas.

Includes disposable IceCap® to help reduce cross-contamination.

Includes magnetically attached 100mm ruler optimised for measuring lesions.

Works with virtually any smartphone out of the box via included MCC adapter.


3000mAh lithium-ion battery lasts twice as long as previous devices.

Four-level charge indicator; device sleeps after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Charge on included desktop charging base or via USB-C.

Charging base includes USB output for charging a second device and stores IceCap.

What's in the box?

DermLite DL5

Desktop Charging Base

Magnetic Eyepiece

MCC Smartphone Adapter

10mm Steel Ruler

Infection Control (icecaps)

Leather Belt Pouch

Protective Holster

2m USB-A to USB-C Cable

Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

Tech Specs


25 LEDs

10x Magnification



UV Visualisation

Oil Immersion

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery

Can be attached to smartphone, tablet or camera using step-down rings

5 years warranty

Direction for use

DermLite DL5 Guide

Download Brochure

DermLite DL5 Brochure

Material Safety Data Sheet


Not only can you toggle between polarised and non-polarised modes, now you're able to visualise extremely superficial structures under parallel polarisation and, as you turn DL5's dial, scroll through the entire polarisation range in order to optically explore a lesion’s visual depths. With available PigmentBoost®, you'll be able to visualise pigmented lesions just as well as you'll see vascular lesions under DermLite's cool colour spectrum. All the while, you’ll love DL5’s optics, which are stunning up-close and outstanding at a distance: Its 32mm lens system with true 10x magnification reveals the super-tiniest of details — better than ever before. 


The DermLite DL5 is the world’s first hybrid dermatoscope with 365nm UV, allowing you to spot a host of fluorescing structures — at full 10x magnification.  And, when you're quickly screening your patients' skin, DL5’s high-powered torch LED provides phenomenal illumination to larger areas or hard-to-reach spots. Need to measure a lesion? DL5 comes with an on-board, magnetically attached 100mm ruler. Simply slide it off and its semi-circular markings make it easier than ever to assess a lesion or choose the proper biopsy punch.


DL5 lets you work substantially longer on a single charge, thanks to a battery that’s more than twice the capacity of DL4.  Between uses, keep it charged up on the included desktop charging base — which doubles as home base for your IceCap® supply. You’ll even be able to charge a second DermLite or your phone using its front-facing 5V USB port or use the supplied USB-C cable while on the go; regardless, DL5’s 4-level charge indicator keeps you up to date.


With 365nm UV in your pocket at 10x, DL5 brings you Wood-mode superpowers of a new dimension. See fluorescing features like never before — assess the efficacy of acne treatment, discover exciting presentations of pigmented, vascular or inflammatory lesions, or visualise bacterial and fungal infections on skin, nail, or mucosa.