Dermlite Lumio UV

The Lumio UV is a modern reincarnation of a Woods Lamp. With its 75mm lens offering a magnification of 2x the power of 40 UV LEDs (light-emitting diodes), the Lumio UV is a great tool for a variety of examinations that require UV light. Lumio is powered by 4 AA batteries that allow for a minimum of 250 exams at 30 seconds each. DermLite Lumio UV is supplied with 1 Lumio UV, 4 AA batteries and 1 protective neoprene pouch.


Key Features

40 UV LEDs
4 x AA batteries provided
75mm lens
Stylish, ergonomic design
Protective neoprene pouch
5 year warranty

Directions for use

DermLite Lumio UV Guide