Single-Use Cautery Pens & Tips

Introducing FIAB's Single Use Cautery Pens and Tips - the perfect solution for reliable, efficient and safe cauterisation of tissues and small blood vessels. Each device has been created with your needs in mind, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience.
FIAB's pens are powered by built-in alkaline batteries and are designed for one-time use, guaranteeing complete safety and hygiene during surgical procedures. Each pen is individually packaged and sterile for your convenience, offering you the peace of mind that your patients are receiving the best possible care.


The high-temperature electrocautery pen is known as F7244. This is a single-use disposable pen that can reach temperatures as high as 1200°C/2192°F, making it ideal for surgical procedures that require more intense heating. It also features a 28mm fine tip that is perfect for delicate and intricate work.

The medium-temperature electrocautery pen is available as a thick-tip and has a temperature range of 800°C.

The second type is the low-temperature electrocautery pen is known as F7255. This is a disposable pen that comes in a sterile autoclave pouch. However, it has a lower temperature range of 600°C/1112°F, which makes it ideal for minor or superficial procedures. It also features a 28mm fine tip, allowing for precision work.

Both F7244 and F7255 are suitable for use in several medical fields, including occult-plastic, hand surgery, orthopaedic procedures, cardiovascular, and thoracic. Using these pens for cauterization ensures precise homeostasis and meets the needs of various medical specialities.